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Do I Need Flood Insurance in Greenville NC?

If you reside in America, you know that floods are a constant threat. And when floods strike, properties and people’s lives are always at stake. To that end, you might ask whether you need flood insurance to protect your Greenville, NC home. If you are unsure whether you need flood insurance, keep reading as Alcock Insurance & Risk Management Services LLC shares what you need to know about flood insurance.

Is flood insurance required in North Carolina?

While flood insurance isn’t required by any federal law, if your home is financed by a federal-registered lender, they may need you to buy flood insurance if you reside in a flood-risk area. But since every home is at risk of flood damage, it’s essential to purchase home insurance. 

You don’t believe everyone needs flood insurance? According to FEMA, approximately 20 percent of flood insurance claims come from homeowners residing in areas not considered at risk of floods. Of course, these claims would even be higher if more people have flood insurance.

But isn’t the state going to cover my home damage due to floods?

You will be lucky if the government declares floods in your area a national disaster. And even when they do, the grant they give you isn’t insurance. It’s a loan that you are supposed to pay back. While the federal assistance loan has low interest, it can be expensive for you, especially if you are servicing a mortgage.

What does flood insurance cover?

Now that you have seen you need flood insurance, it covers your dwelling structure and its contents. If you opt to buy the NFIP coverage, your building is covered up to $250,000 while your assets have coverage of up to $100,000. However, if you purchase flood insurance through private carriers, the limit can always be adjusted.

Buy flood insurance today!

Since everyone is eligible for flood insurance, it’s time to purchase coverage for your Greenville, NC home. Please contact Alcock Insurance & Risk Management Services LLC for an affordable quote.

What Exactly Does ‘Full-Coverage’ Mean? Do I Need It?

When it comes to auto insurance deciding what type of coverage you want, the amount can be confusing. The state of North Carolina mandates some types of coverage, and others are optional. When it comes to "Full coverage," you may not know exactly what it means, what is included, and whether you need it. At Alcock Insurance & Risk Management Services LLC in Greenville, NC, we are a family-owned business dedicated to creating lasting relationships with our customers through quality service and products. 

Full coverage in auto insurance terms usually means you have liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage. Other options may be added, but these three comprise full coverage in the simplest terms. 

Liability coverage

In North Carolina, the mandated basic liability insurance is 30/60/25. This covers other drivers from an accident where you are at fault. It provides medical injury coverage of $30,000 for an individual with a total of $60,000 per accident. You must have $25,000 for property damage as well. This is all well and good, but what about your vehicle. You don’t have to cover it unless you have a loan. But if you need your vehicle, you want to cover it. 

Comprehensive coverage

Things happen, and sometimes they are bad things. Comprehensive coverage protects you from things over which you have no control. A deer runs into the road in front of your car, devastating damage ensues. Other things it covers are the theft of your vehicle, vandalism, and storm and hail damage. Glass coverage is also included. 

Collision coverage

When you are at fault in an accident, you still need to get your vehicle repaired. Collision coverage will take care of this for you after the payment of your deductible. 

Contact Alcock Insurance & Risk Management Services LLC in Greenville, NC for all your auto insurance needs. 

Exploring The Benefits Of Commercial Auto Insurance

Based in Greenville, NC, Alcock Insurance and Risk Management Services LLC serves the community by offering insurance coverage. We offer our clients several different types of policies. We are committed to helping you protect your assets.

The Benefits Of Commercial Auto Insurance

Thriving businesses are one of the most important factors to stimulating the Greenville, NC economy. Commercial insurance allows you to protect your investment and helps alleviate some of the stress involved with operating your business on a day-to-day basis. If you are one of the thousands of businesses across North Carolina that rely on transportation to help support your business, commercial auto insurance can assist you. The policy protects your vehicles as you rely on them to support your business.

You are covered if you are involved in an accident while traveling to your business-related endeavor. Comprehensive coverage protects you if your vehicle is damaged, stolen, or vandalized. Comprehensive coverage also covers unexpected disasters such as your vehicle suffering damage due to hitting an object, being set on fire, or inclement weather. You can add uninsured motorist coverage, which protects you if you are involved in a collision with someone who does not have insurance.

You can add roadside assistance to your policy so that you can receive help in case of an emergency. The coverage includes towing services, as well as services like changing a tire or jump-starting a battery. In order to make sure that your business continues to function smoothly, you can add replacement or rental coverage to your policy. If your vehicle suffers severe damage, you’ll be able to receive a rental or replacement vehicle in its place.

Alcock Insurance and Risk Management Services Will Help You Protect Your Business

Visit our website to learn more information about commercial insurance.

Who needs to get home insurance in North Carolina

Anyone that moves to the Greenville, NC area will find that it is a wonderful community that offers many amenities to local residents. Due to this, North Carolina can also be a great place to own a home as you can benefit from price appreciation and having a stable place to live. If you are going to move to North Carolina, you must consider all of your insurance needs. There are several situations when someone here will need to get home insurance.

Those That Have a Mortgage

One situation when someone will need to get home insurance is when they have taken out a mortgage. If you have taken out a mortgage, your lender will have specific insurance obligations that need to be met. Any mortgage lender will want you to have a full policy in place to protect your home, which is their collateral. In many cases, you may also have to escrow for payments monthly.

Those That Want Coverage

You will also need to get home insurance if you want to protect your home. Your home is the largest asset that you will ever own, and protecting it as well as possible is very important. When you get a full home insurance policy, you will have the coverage you need to protect your asset. 

There are plenty of situations when someone in the Greenville, NC area will need to get home insurance. If you believe that you need a home insurance policy for your property, you should call Alcorn Insurance & Risk Management Services, LLC. When you work with the team at Alcorn Insurance & Risk Management Services, LLC, you will learn more about your options. The team at Alcorn Insurance & Risk Management Services, LLC can help you build a policy that will give you the best coverage for your situation. 

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