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Boat/Watercraft Insurance in North Carolina and Virginia

Living in North Carolina, Virginia and the surrounding communities gives you ample opportunities to take your boat out on the water. But what happens if your boat is damaged? What should you do then? Well, if you don't have boat insurance, you'll be paying for it out of pocket, and that can quickly add up. In some instances, it is cheaper to simply replace your boat instead of trying to repair it. Thankfully you won't need to do either if you have boat or watercraft insurance. Here at Alcock Insurance & Risk Management Services LLC, our North Carolina and Virginia staff are here to help you out with this kind of situation. So, no matter what kind of watercraft you own, if you want to protect your boat, we're the staff to do it.

Protecting Your Watercraft At All Times

Most damage sustained by boats does not occur while on the water. Instead, it can happen while you are transporting your boat out to the water, or even when it is in storage. If you have a house fire and your boat burns your homeowner’s insurance will likely not cover it. Even if it is stored off-site that location will probably not cover it either. Instead, you need your own watercraft insurance.

Protect Your Watercraft Today

It doesn't matter if you own a speed boat, a pontoon, jet ski, or you have a small fishing boat for early morning retreats out onto the water, you need to protect it. As most damage isn't sustained on the water but instead while in transit, it's impossible to know when an accident might happen. You have auto insurance to protect you in these instances, you should also have boat insurance to protect you as well. So, regardless of the kind of boat you own our staff here at Alcock Insurance & Risk Management Services LLC will help you properly protect it. All you need to do is give us a call and we'll take care of the rest.

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