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Flood Insurance in North Carolina and Virginia

Flood Insurance

Our goal here at Alcock Insurance & Risk Management Services LLC is to provide the best flood insurance coverage possible to our customers. It is needed since flooding can cause permanent damage to your home and personal belongings. We strongly encourage everyone no matter the area they live in to obtain a policy even if it is not required. It will help you save money and protect you against losses.

Flood Insurance Requirements

Homeowners in North Carolina and Virginia are not required legally to obtain flood insurance. However, if you own a home that is located in a high-risk area for flooding, you may be required to purchase a policy in order to even qualify for a loan. People who do not reside in high-risk areas may still want to consider flood insurance since a homeowner's policy will generally not pay for any flooding related damages. The cost of flood damage can extend past tens of thousands of dollars just for several inches of floodwater. Therefore, it is important for all homeowners to consider a policy.

Commercial businesses face the same risks that homeowners do when it comes to flooding. However, it can cost more to repair damages to your business. Therefore, it is just as important for businesses to obtain flood insurance as well.

Coverage Options

Most standard flood insurance policies cover both the contents of your home and your home itself if the damage is caused by a flood. You may also choose to purchase extended coverage to give you more protection. Standard coverage protects:

  • The building itself. This is the home or building that the insured property is located on.
  • Personal belongings include all possessions inside of your home.

Flood insurance does not cover sewer backups and broken pipes.

Flood insurance is beneficial for:

  • Condominiums
  • Commercial buildings
  • Single-family homes
  • Manufactured homes attached to a foundation


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