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Umbrella Insurance in North Carolina and Virginia

Owning a business or a home in North Carolina or Virginia comes with some insurance requirements by the state. However, there is optional insurance coverage that can take your protection a step further.

What is Umbrella Insurance?

This is an optional but extended liability coverage policy that is used when your commercial or personal liability coverage has been exhausted. If you have already used your liability coverage for the year or you are found responsible for damages exceeding your policy, you can use your umbrella insurance to cover the remaining cost. Those who do not have an insurance policy find themselves being forced to sell assets to cover these costs.

Assets You Can Protect With Umbrella Insurance

When you purchase an umbrella insurance policy, assets can be protected, and your livelihood secured.

Assets include the following:

  • Homes and additional living properties
  • Farmland and extensive acres
  • Commercial properties
  • Savings Plans and Accounts
  • Future Income protection
  • Vehicles
  • Recreational Vehicles

Any property that you own, whether it is land, structural, or residential can be sold and used to cover the cost of the damages that you may be responsible for. Everything from the vehicles and recreational property that you own to assets owned by your business can be used to cover any fines and damage fees required in a court case. If you are a business owner in North Carolina or Virginia, it is a good practice to not only carry this coverage on your commercial property but also your home, as that could be used where the business is concerned.

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